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River Falls Medical Clinic provides Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Larsen as "sleep specialists".
River Falls Medical Clinic and River Falls Area Hospital are launching a new program.  The Sleep Center will open in early April, 2005.  The sleep study (called a polysomnogram) will identify and treat people who have breathing problems that effect their sleep.  If you or a family member are experiencing sleep difficutlites, snoring, waking tired, or have been told you stop breathing for a short time during sleep please contact your physician to discuss your symptoms.


River Falls Medical Clinic has new ultrasound machine.
River Falls Medical Clinic is proud to have the newest ultrasound technology.  Our new machine allows physicians and patients to see 4-D images.  What that means is we now have a fourth dimension to an ultrasound, it adds real-time motion to the images.  Having this technology at our fingertips allows physicians and patients to easily see inside their bodies.  The new ultrasound will be used for many different types of diagnosis. 


Our new pediatrician will be starting this spring....

We are looking forward to having our new pediatrician start this spring.  Dr. Kerri Bagnall is coming from Ohio and we look forward to having her on staff. 


We have moved patient parking to better accomodate our patients.
In an on going effort to accomodate our patients we have designated the parking lot next to the building as patient parking.   We have moved our handicap parking to this lot also.  Please look for signs and let us know what you think. 


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